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Mynah Bird. . .A sign?
Freedom, Peace, Truth, Angel, Light
I think so, at least. . .

I found this Mynah Bird pin in the vents one day while scrounging for change to feed my soda addiction. . . It's obviously old, but the colors are still vibrant and the depiction of the bird forms an almost perfect circle, almost like the alchemical symbol. When I picked it up, the "pin" part of the token snapped off, as it was maimed already and destined to do so, leaving a kind of "coin" if you will.
The coin happens to be my favorite hues of blue and orange together with another one of my favorite colors: turquoise. Someone had dropped it on the floor and it found its way to the vents where it has waited all these years for someone to find it. . .

And I did. . .

This is no ordinary token. Its one, golden eye seems to stare at me, alluringly. I kid you not, it stares at me. I love this token but I seem to block it out of my mind, like it'll play its part when the time comes for it to. This trinket has a purpose in my life, if not only to make me think about it for a while.

I did some research on "Mynah Birds" and their magical properties. There's not a lot of information, but apparently the actual birds are very skittish towards people in general yet are often found in large, tropical cities like Bombay and Honolulu. They represent, magically speaking, "Group behavior and etiquette; clear communication"  (

I read a story about a man that was very ill, to the point of going to the hospital. He had a conference to attend to for work, but his fever and chills almost made him change his mind. He decided to go anyway, because the family was tight on money. When he arrived, and as he was walking to the building, he saw a Mynah Bird on his car. He shooed it away, as they are associated with being pests, and it flew off only to land near him as he walked. He found this odd, but continued to his meeting. He gets to the door of the building when he feels a small commotion on his backpack (yes he was wearing a backpack) and lo and behold, the Mynah Bird had perched itself on his bag! He let the bird alone, and proceeded into the building, thinking maybe it would fly off, and what harm could it do? No one said anything if they actually saw the bird, but as he entered his conference room, the bird fluttered off at the site of his co-workers. His co-workers saw the bird and watched it flutter off. Then, a strange thing happened that the man didn't realize until after the meeting. As he was getting in his car, he actually felt better. By the time he got home, the fever and chills were gone and he was no longer ill. . . .

He, like me, was "chosen" by this bird. This token means something and I can't find any information on it at all that's magically related. Maybe it's not magical. I don't know but I wish it would reveal itself soon. . .

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They're also called Starlings, which is their official names.

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